Clay Detox & Skin Care



An excellent internal and external detoxifier, clay has amazing drawing power and has been used for centuries to clear the body of toxins.

Used as a paste (clay powder mixed with water & add a bit of coconut oil if you have dry skin) and applied to the skin, it heals eczema, acne, bites, sunburn and other skin problems. Makes a great facial mask too.

For internal use, dissolve 1 Р2 teaspoons in a small glass of water and leave to stand for 2 hours or overnight, then drink and follow with more water. Drink plenty of water when you consume clay as it swells in the body and requires water for its elimination. It works by attracting all toxins and impurities to its surface structure and then the clay and the impurities are eliminated via the stool.

Use for a period of a few weeks to detox and then give it a break for another few weeks before using it again. You can also use it in a bath or foot bath to draw out impurities through the skin.

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