Simplicity & Affordability

Healthy living need not be expensive or complicated. By making wise food and supplement choices and by using a few simple, non-toxic but effective  items for your household cleaning, laundry and body care, you can easily and inexpensively start and maintain a health regime that will nourish you and your family and protect you from harmful toxins.

We believe that health products should be affordable to all and to this end we specialise in the supply of quality, bulk-sized natural health and home products direct to the public. The more you buy, the more you save. Buy for the whole family or share with a friend.

Products on offer include Epsom salts, a mineral bath mix (sea salt & epsoms), clay powder, food-grade hydrogen peroxide, liquid magnesium for transdermal application, pure vitamin C powder, MSM powder, kelp powder, whey protein concentrate powder, delicious pure & raw honey, the best apple cider vinegar – organic & with the mother, Himalayan crystal salt, pure coarse sea salt and sodium bicarbonate.



In line with our philosophy of simplicity and a responsibility to do our bit in reducing the waste that is burdening our planet, all our products are simply and minimally packaged and labelled. The minimalist approach results in savings for the consumer and the environment  – a win win for all!

We encourage you to reduce, re-use and recycle. Simply order a container once-off and then buy a refill to top up your existing container.

Product Quality

The raw ingredients we use for our product range are sourced from reputable, ISO certified suppliers that supply a certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch of ingredients supplied. The products are pharmaceutical-grade and have been tested and passed according to the necessary standards. We do not ever compromise on quality.

Pure Concentrated Powdered Supplements

Most products we supply are in powdered form. They are 100% pure powders free of additives in the form of fillers, binders and free flow agents. The encapsulating and tableting process is expensive and more often than not requires the addition of certain questionable ingredients. With pure powders you get concentrated nutrition at a fraction of the cost. It is the healthiest and most cost effective way to supplement.

Sourcing Service

We also offer a product sourcing service; if there is something you’d like to buy in bulk that we don’t have, let us know and we’ll try source it for you. In this case, the minimum purchase for a product that is not a standard stock item is 1kg.