Intravenous Vitamin C

I am heading off in a few day’s time to KZN as my step Mom is very ill with pancreatic cancer. I am going armed with some nutritional goodies in the hope that I can get the oncologist to agree to a supplement protocol for her as well as give him some information on intravenous nutrient therapy which is an incredibly powerful way to boost nutrient levels in sick patients who are not eating to enough.

The most amazing story is that of Alan Smith who was on his deathbed, but after 13 days of intravenous vitamin C administration he was out of hospital. Today he is alive and well and free of leukemia.

This does not mean that high dose vitamin C is going to work for everyone and that it can be used alone as a treatment, but rather that it is a powerful aid in boosting the immune system and should form part of a comprehensive supplement protocol tailored to suit the sick individual.

Below is an extract from Natural News:

Alan Smith: Rescued from Death by Vitamin C

This story was featured in New Zealand/Australia TV`s version of “60 Minutes”. Alan Smith was lying near death in a coma and on life support in a New Zealand hospital with complications from last year`s Swine Flu. The doctors had decided to pull the plug on his life support system since there was no hope for Alan`s survival. Alan`s family disagreed and insisted on the hospital`s administering IV high dose vitamin C as a last resort.

Despite having nothing to lose with a hopeless patient for whom they were about to take off life support, every hospital MD refused to administer IV mega dose C. The family had to enlist an attorney to coerce the hospital into following their request. It took several weeks of urging and referrals for available practitioners from American MD Thomas Levy before vitamin C therapy was reluctantly administered.

After 13 days of mega dose IV vitamin C administration, Alan Smith walked out of the hospital. He had been in a coma for nine weeks! The scurvy condition that exacerbated his Swine Flu may have been part of his leukemia. Less publicized but even more impressive is that he is now leukemia-free a year after his coma recovery.

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Here is a comprehensive report on the use of IV vitamin C as a treatment:




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