Excellent links on info about coconut oil

There is no doubt that raw, organic coconut oil is good for everyone and should definately be a standard item on your grocery shopping list. Below are some links with excellent information on why coconut oil is so amazing. Personally, I recommend it above any of the other fats and oils for cooking.   I also suggest that it be taken daily as a nutritional supplement by melting a tablespoon in warm water and drinking it. It is not a heavy oil so it’s “lightness” makes it easy to consume. For health maintenance, adults should take at least two tablespoons per day and when ill, up to 4 tablespoons are recommended. Note that this oil will not make you fat or raise your cholesterol levels! I use it for cooking, for adding to food and smoothies, and I use it on my face as a moisturiser. By drinking it daily, it has increased my metabolism and I have lost the last few kg’s of stubborn fat after my pregnancy with Luke. It has also helped to increase my energy levels, and as a bonus, my hair is shiny and my skin soft and smooth. I love this oil and so will you!


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